*This application is for our college rentals only. If you are not a college student please click the Application link to the left to apply for one of our homes.*



Below is our application to rent one of our college homes. One application is needed per student. We need a main contact person for the group that you choose. The application must be filled out in it's entirety.


Student Information

Current Employment and Income

Current Residency

Parent or Legal guardian Information

Parent/Guardian Current Employment and Income Information

Parent/Guardian Current Residency

Other information

* By submitting this application, I declare that all the information in this application is correct and true, and I agree that housing provider may reject this application if any of this information is found out to be false.

I hereby authorize the housing provider and/or his/her agent(s) to investigate information regarding my employment, character, general reputation, personal reference, mode of living and credit standing, and I authorize a full disclosure of pertinent facts may be made to the housing provider. The housing provider may also require a credit report from a credit reporting agency, and/or his/her agent(s). I also authorize the housing provider to release any information I have provided and any information regarding my rental history to credit reporting agencies, other housing providers, or any providers of rental compensation. I authorize the housing provider to submit my information to third parties in person or online in an attempt to provide me with possible loan options. I understand these third parties may or may not pull my credit report. A VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE OR PICTURE IDENTIFICATION CARD WILL BE NEEDED AT SIGNING.

By clicking the "submit" button, I agree to authorize Creative Home Buying Solutions, Inc to pull credit and that all the information given above is accurate.