What do we do next if we like the home??

(Glad you like one of our homes! Here are the steps needed to move towards getting it!)
1.) If you do not have a home loan pre-approval letter from your lender that would allow you to purchase a home, the first step is to fill out a quick 5 minute application either on line here at our website by clicking the application link on the left of the page, by calling our office in Celina toll free at 1- 866-999-9791 or 419-586-8220, or stopping by the office during business hours. 
2.) After receiving your application, we will pull your credit and analyze your total financial situation to try to find a solution to any obstacles that may be preventing you from purchasing one of our homes right now . This is a totally free service we offer.  We do this as a courtesy to help you through the process of buying one of our homes. Over the years we have had a lot of experience in solving credit issues that had been preventing customers from buying one of our homes. 
3.) Within 24-48 hours we will get back with you on what is possible. Realize everyone’s credit situation and the cure for their credit problems is unique to them. The cure to any credit problems is customized to the particular situation.  In general we will be setting up a credit improvement plan customized to your situation to meet the lending requirements of the banks that make home loans.
4.) If you cannot obtain a loan for the home right now due to past credit issues, we may be able to structure a credit improvement plan that will allow you to purchase this home or another one of our homes in the future.
5.) Everyone that applies will at least know what is on their credit report and have a plan to fix it when we are done
6.) Other options that MAY be available on our homes are:
a. Rent to Own; renting the home while improving your credit to obtain a home loan. these are short term plans.
b. Land Contract; In rare circumstances this may be an option for the right candidate.