Here at Creative Home Buying Solutions we have different options available to help you purchase your new home. We can help you with financing on all of our homes because we are not Realtors; we actually own the homes we are selling. Since these are our homes, we can tailor a situation that is best for you.


One of the great options that we have is our lease option, or rent to own, program. One of the reasons it's great is this is customized to your specific situation. To explain this as basic as possible, a lease option is where you lease (or rent) the home for a specific amount of time and at the end of that lease you have the exclusive option to purchase the home for a price and terms that were agreed to at the beginning of your lease. This is an good program if you need a little time to correct past credit issues prior to purchasing but don't want to give up the home you fell in love with. The benefits are:  

o        All of your down payment will go towards the purchase of the home.

o        You can live in the home you are going to purchase before your credit is totally straightened out. No moving twice!

o        You have an exclusive right to buy, so no more having to move when the landlord sells the home.

o        By curing your credit problems before applying for a home loan, you normally will qualify to have a lower interest (and lower payment) loan than you could qualify for now.

o        Your price is locked in. If the home increases in value we will not increase the price.

What do you have to lose?  The application process is free and takes 10 minutes. Even if we can’t put you in a home right now, we will take all the time needed to explain to you what steps you need to take for us to sell you a home in the near future.

We hope you will give us an opportunity to make you a homeowner soon!