Educational Videos

This page is a series of informational videos that Jeff Denney, president of Creative Home Buying Solutions, Inc., made to help explain to you many of the complicated topics and process' you will encounter throughout your entire home buying experience.


Introduction video

This is an introduction to, and an overview of, the set of videos you are about to watch. Covering topics such as, what we do, our history, housing market history, credit improvement, why buy from us, etc.

Qualifying for a home loan

In this video, Jeff explains for us the things you will go through, and the things you will need to do to qualify for a home loan.

Loan guidelines and the loan processThis video goes into more detail about the different guidelines and also the process of obtaining a home loan.
Owner financing explained In this video, Jeff explains what owner financing is and when owner financing, such as lease options, rent to owns, and land contracts, may make sense to our company.

Why buy now

This video highlights reasons to buy a home now. Historically low interest rates, the variety of loans available and other educational tips will be highlighted.

Why buy from us

In this video, Jeff explains facts about our company and reasons why doing business with us can benefit you.