Frequently Asked Questions on our College Rental Program


If you can't find the answer your question below, call our office to discuss your situation. We try to be a fair, reasonable company. Not every scenario can be discussed in advance or put into writing. If you use good, honest communication with us, we will provide you with a reasonable solution to all scenarios on an as needed basis.


Q: Who we are..
A: We are a local Real Estate Investment company located in Celina, Ohio. At the core we buy, remodel and resell homes. We help the buyers of our homes through the complicated home buying process step by step.

We also provide clean, well maintained and affordable 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes as housing to college students in Lima, Ohio. These are exceptionally nice homes, in nice neighborhoods.

We are not a management company, nor are we realtors. We own all of the homes you see on our site.

Q: Who are our roommates?

A: You choose your roommates. We do not choose who lives with you. You will all need to agree on this. Each of you will fill out your own application and each of you will need to go through our approval process. All of you will sign one lease and all of you will have to have your deposit and first month's rent paid before anyone is given possession.  You are renting the home as a group (not individually) to pay the entire rent.

Q: How much does it cost for us to rent a home?

A: Each home is different so you will need to see the payment table associated with that home for the specific amount. Talking basics, every person on the lease will need to have a security deposit (your security deposit is equal to the amount of one months rent) plus first months rent for all of you to be given possession.

Q: Does my parent(s) have to sign the lease?

A: Yes, all college home rentals require a parent(s) or legal guardian to guarantee the lease.

Q: Why are there different rent prices?

A:  Our 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom homes both require 4 people to be considered fully occupied. (our 3 bedroom homes do not have initial discounted rates, they are always priced at the full occupancy pricing. That rate is based on 3 people)

As an option to help you to move into a larger 4 or 5 bedroom home right away when you only have 3 roommates initially, each occupants rent is raised $25 more than normal per person rate for 3 months. During that 3 month period, it is your responsibility to find that additional, 4th person. If you find that final 4thperson before the 3 month deadline, the per person rent will be lowered to the advertised, full occupancy price. If you cannot find an additional person at the end of those 3 months, your rent will be raised to the normal full rental rate of the home to cover the missing, additional person. See each homes payment table for these exact numbers or call the office to further explain.

Q:  How long is our lease period for?
A: Our lease is a 1 year lease, minimum. After the year is up, it automatically transfers to a month to month if you choose to stay and we choose to keep you. If one chooses to move out at the end of the lease but the rest want to stay, you will be given a certain amount of time to find a replacement or pay for their portion. Again, all current roommates must agree on the new roommate(s) and the new roommates must go through our approval process.

Q: What is included with rent? Are utilities included?

A: Each home comes supplied with a washer, dryer, fridge and stove. We do not pay for utilities or trash removal. That is your responsibility. We cannot retrieve what utility costs were in the past from the utility companies but, as a rule of thumb, most of our homes average $50-$75 per person per month for all utilities. Your usage will affect your costs.

You are also responsible for maintaining the lawn, landscape and snow removal.

Q: How does your process work?

Step #1: The first step is to always view the pictures, videos and talk to your friends to make sure all are interested.
Step #2: The next step is to fill out a college rental application on our website.
Step #3:  After we receive the application we will give you a call (usually in 1-2 business days) to set up a time for someone to meet you at the home to walk through and answer any questions.

Step #4:  Set up a time for your group to come to the office to watch our lease video, sign your lease and pay your security deposit and first months rent.

Q: How do we get specific info on a home?
A: Read what information is available for the home you are interested in on this website. If that does not answer your question then call the office (419-586-8220) or contact us by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Q: How do we view a home?
A: Fill out an application and someone will call you to set up a time for you and your roommates to view the home.

Q: How soon after an application will I here from someone?
A: Usually within 1-2 business days after we have received all of the applications from your group.

Q: How long have you been in this business?
A: 20+ years, but we incorporated in 1999 and have been at our Celina office since 2006

Q: Are you a lender, loan officer or loan originator?
A: No.  We own properties and are offering them for rent.

Q: Can we have pets while renting?

A: No.

Q: Can we paint when renting?
A: No. The home cannot be altered in any way. That includes things like nails or screws for pictures or blinds, changing outside or inside door knobs, and adding or removing items attached to the home.  You may use sticky backed command removable hooks to hang items if needed.

Q: Do you inspect homes when we rent?
A: Yes, we inspect our homes, usually twice per year. We use that time to inspect and update any routine maintenance needed on the home. You will always receive a minimum 24 hour notice before anyone enters the home.