Middle Point, Ohio Homes

We currently do not have any homes available in this area. Please click here to be placed on our "Future Buyers List" to be contacted by email when we have a home available in this area.


"Even though my credit was great my income was not high enough to get a traditional loan. Creative Home Buying Solutions helped me get the twist and turns of the loan process. It made the house buying easier and made it easy to understand."

Greg and Cora, Middle Point 2-3-17



"I got a House!  I chose this company because it was hard for me to obtain a bank loan.  They taught me how to build my credit so it could be possible to get a house."

Steve & Missy, Middle Point, 12-4-14




"We chose Creative Home Buying Solutions to help us get a great home.  They helped us find the perfect home for my family and I.  I would come back to their company and recommend them to my family and friends. Thanks for everything."

Tonya & Gary, Middle Point, 8-28-14